Volos City

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Volos City & Port

Located at 100 meters from Seventh Floor the Volos port boasts with life in the numerous cafes and restaurants, especially during the Summer months.

Ideal Location

We are located just a walk away from the port road, at 100 meters.


Take a walk on the road besides the beach.


Relax in the Park of Agios Konstantinos


Sit in a tsipouradiko and taste the local delicacies.


The vacation place of Ancient greek gods & the birthplace of the centaurs, combining mountain scenery with turquoise beaches.

What to do

Exploring the outskirts of Volos.


Rent a Car and explore the seaside villages of the pagasetic gulf


Visit the Mountainous East Pelion and swim in the turquiose waters of the Aegean Sea.


Take a Sailing trip in the gulf or reach the Sporades islands for a whole new experience.

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